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[26 Nov 2004|04:31pm]
Moving to futurepostcards so update if you actually read.
a twelve step program

Turkey with buckshot. [25 Nov 2004|08:16pm]

By Tomer Hanuka.
That's kinda how I've been feeling lately.


**Just so everyone who actually cares to read what I write knows, I'm seriously considering setting up shop at Suicide Girls in attempts to help gain exposure by writing for them and using the journal they provide as a gateway into Cyanide, because I really want to get it up in print and start working towards building a powerhouse literary company out of it. I already have a few strings I can pull with a publishing house and a few authors for it. Maybe even set up a literary bar, because of it. Use it as the storefront to sell the magazine and any of the books we get to publish. Been considering a few places to set up shop if I actually decide to do so. San Fransisco, Denver, New Orleans, Seattle, Portland, and Dallas, but it'll most likely end up on the west coast if I'm able to do it. I'm not a fan of the east coast.

I want to write and that's the main thing. I just don't want to have to work a job I hate while I'm doing what I like and love. Bartending at my own bar wouldn't suck if I could do it. Hell especially if the bar had a pimpin' library selection and coffee set up. Book readings before anything else though, even concerts. One dream...

a twelve step program

Online Shopping Opinions. [09 Nov 2004|12:16pm]
Threadless is offering a lot of reprints in the countdown till christmas and there are actually quite a few I'm considering. But I don't want to get everything I desire, because then I'll be broke so if you would be so kind as to tell me which you think would be awesome of the ones I throw up here and I may order between 3 and 4.

So here we go.

option number oo1:: *Consumable.
option number oo2:: Shadow Bunny.
option number oo3:: *It's Better to Own.
option number oo4:: *Swineherd Liberation Front.
option number oo5:: 5311 0U7.
option number oo6:: Choice.
option number oo7:: *Eighty One Gemini.
option number oo8:: threadless.
* = what I'm leaning towards currently.

Okay and KID ROBOT has the coolest toys ever. I especially like the Gloomy Bear and Ugly Dolls they sell [both in the plush section].
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Pillars of the Nationalist Party. [04 Nov 2004|02:53pm]

Pillars of the Nationalist PartyCollapse )
In other news, have you hugged your Kerry suppoter today? That's right I'm mocking the whiney bitches online [and in real life] that are pissed that their canidate was defeated. Whining solves nothing, so save us all the wasted time listening to you on our friends pages and either put it behind a cut or keep it to yourself. Now if you are going to be a problem solver then go for it, but don't just bitch to bitch. I'm sure everyone gets enough of that crap at work [as a matter of fact, don't bitch about it at work, because people don't want to put up with it there either] and the last thing they want to do is come home to their friends page to find you bitching about something beyond you. Quit your bitching, quit your derogatory insults, and quit your bigotry. You think you aren't, but wouldn't your complete disregard and closed-mindedness towards conservatives and Republicans [both of which many of you generalize beyond proportion that it's just sickening]be the very thing you think you are not. I think so. So shut up, no one wants to hear it. Be productive, not a burden. Use your right to free speech productively, don't abuse it. That's it for the day, so run out and hug anyone that's whining about the results.
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BUSH makes history. [03 Nov 2004|10:52am]
Whether you like him or hate him, you'll be hearing about him for several decades. He'll be showing up in history books soon.

1st President to lose the popular vote his first term to come back and win his re-election.

1st President to win more than 50% of the vote since 1988.

1st President to win with both houses of Congress being Republican since 1900.

And President with the highest number of votes in his favor. [c. 58 million]

When all the electoral votes are tallied it appears that Bush walks away with 286. That's Ohio, Iowa, New Mexico, and Nevada falling in his category. So his re-election has drawn more support than his previous election.

Kerry wil give his concession speech at 1pm Eastern time. Oh class this evening wil be very interesting since my teacher did not support Bush and he can't bitch about voter fraud, because everything is being reported as going smoothly. Full kudos to Bush for defying the media's projections. Full kudos to Karl Rove for orchestrating one of the greatest campaigns in recent history. And full kudos to Kerry for making it close. You have to admire the fact that he at least gave the president a run for his money. In the end it was a good campaign season and it had a great turnout and that's all one could ever hope for.

And some political correspondent said this last night and I couldn't help but laugh: Remember pacifists can't fight back, they don't believe in it.

On a side note: Afghanistan has it's first elected president as well now. Making history all around the world November 3rd.
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